Sunday, 13 December 2015

Fear Factory - 02 Ritz, Manchester

This week saw Fear Factory play the 02 Ritz in Manchester as part of their current Demanufacture tour, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album's release (and also 25 years of being a band).

There were two support bands tonight, the first of which being Dead Label. Hailing from Ireland, they played a solid set, their enthusiasm having the audience on their side from pretty much the get-go.

Once Human took to the stage next. Formed by ex-Machine Head member Logan Mader, their debut album only came out a few months ago, but they seemed to already have a few fans in the crowd tonight. Vocalist Lauren Hart has to be the happiest metal vocalist I've ever seen, a huge smile on her face even as she delievered her gutteral Angela Gossow-esque screams. The crowd reacted well to their original material, and they threw in a cover of Machine Head's "Davidian" which everyone seemed to love.
We didn't have to wait long for Fear Factory to take to the stage. With an industrial cityscape backdrop and plenty of lighting effects, they'd created the perfect setting for hearing their cyberpunk-themed Demanufacture album in full. Launching straight into the title-track, they barely stopped for breath as they made their way through the album's ten tracks, each one greeted with a loud mix of cheers, gruff yells of "yeah!" and, of course, horns in the air.

One thing that was immediately obvious was the fact that this album really hasn't aged at all. Who knows, maybe that's the real reason for its futuristic theme?

After playing through Demanufacture, the band left the stage briefly before returning to play some other favourites, including a few songs from their new album which I hadn't heard yet but am now looking forward to listening to.

Overall, the band put on a great show, one definitely worthy of celebrating such an iconic album. It was great to see both support bands hanging round afterwards, happy to chat to and meet the new fans they'd gained.

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