Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ned's Atomic Dustbin (KYTV Festival) - Wolverhampton Civic Hall

This year saw the first (of, hopefully, many) Kill Your Television Festival, put on by Ned's Atomic Dustbin who describe the event as "a celebration, an end and a beginning." In case you're not familiar with the band, "Kill Your Television" is the name of their 1990 single that went straight to the top of the Indie singles chart, the phrase now having reached semi-iconic status.

First to take the stage tonight was West Country band, Eat, with The Wonder Stuff's Malc Treece on guitar. They played well, and even brought a guy from the audience onstage who was wearing a Christmas turkey hat - definitely a highlight!

Next up, and certainly the most festive band of the night, was The Primitives, their equipment adorned with tinsel and christmas lights, it was the perfect setting for them to finally play their Christmas song, "You Trashed My Christmas", live. (And I got their set list, yay!)

The Wedding Present were the third band in tonight's line-up. Despite their self-described semi-legendary status, I hadn't ever actually listened to the band before. Within hearing them get half-way through the first song of their set, it hit me that I love The Wedding Present and what even was my life before this moment?

Clearly I've been blind to their brilliance, especially if the reaction of some of their die-hard fans in the audience is anything to go by.

By now, the Civic Hall was packed. Ned's Atomic Dustbin came onstage, and so began one of the sweatiest, rib-crushing gigs (in a good way) I've been to in a long time!

Opening with "Not Sleeping Around", the band are clearly loving every second of being on stage.

Partway through their set, vocalist John Penney reveals that the band have "got their arses in gear and written a new song." Titled "Self Defence", it could easily have been taken from one of their previous albums, and the crowd loved it.

Oh, and a special mention does need to go to Santa Clause, who apparently took a night off from his Christmas prepartions to get in a bit of crowd-surfing.

This was such a fun night and, given how packed the venue was, hopefully we'll see something similar this year!

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