Sunday, 24 March 2013

Kate Nash - Girl Talk

Kate Nash has never made a secret of the fact that she's inspired by the riot grrrl and foxcore bands of the 90's. While this particular influenced simmered just beneath the surface of her previous album, this time around it's very much at the forefront, and that's no bad thing.

Though some would disagree, to me this is still very much a Kate Nash album. Her trademark personal and confessional lyrics are still there, but now they're backed by guitars and catchy basslines.

Opening track Part Heart provides a mellow and emotive introduction, allowing Kate's vocals to shine. There's a vulnerability to the lyrics, but also a sense of strength as the music builds up toward the end of the song.

Throughout the rest of the album, Kate swings between loud, punky tracks reminiscent of Bikini Kill and Hole (Sister, All Talk) and sweeter, melodic numbers (Are You There Sweetheart, OMYGOD) with ease. It's not an album to listen to passively, in the background. It's for full-on immersion, losing yourself and soundtracking your own experiences.

A lot of the songs seems to be built around a bass line, which is something I appreciate as a bassist. I love it when you can actually hear the bass, when it's doing more than just playing along with the main guitar riff.

As a longtime Kate Nash fan, this album was well worth the wait. It will no doubt split opinions, but most interesting things do. To ditch a proven formula and follow your passions is always a brave move, and it's paid off here. Give it a listen.

Rating: 5/5
Favourite Tracks: Sister, OMYGOD!, All Talk
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