Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Marina and the Diamonds + Shura - Manchester Academy 3

Manchester-born Shura opened the night, with her spacey, electro-synth sound. While her music doesn't share much in common with that of Marina, it's clear they both share a similar experimental and creative approach to the music they make. She played well and seemed to have gained quite a few new fans by the end of her set, definitely someone worth keeping an eye on.

Throughout the whole Neon Nature tour, Marina has divided her set into three "acts", one for each album.

During The Family Jewels era, Marina sat down at her keyboard to play Obsessions, a performance delivered with enough emotion to give the packed out Academy a sense of intimacy. Hollywood rounded off the first act perfectly, getting the crowd jumping and shouting along, before the transition into Electra Heart.

I thought the crowd had been excited before, but it was nothing compared to the reaction Marina's second album got. It's clearly an album that means a lot to many of her fans. Bubblegum Bitch and Primadonna (complete with an appearance from Marilyn!) were definitely among the most fun moments of the night.

The Froot act is, understandably, the longest of the three, and the one that Marina seems the happiest to be performing. For this final part of the Neon Nature tour, she has also added a captivating cover of Cyndi Lauper's True Colours into the set list.

Marina's always-impressive vocals were stunning tonight, and the set list was perfect. As the Froot era comes to an end, it's exciting to wait and see what direction she'll take next.

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