Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Tuts + Baby Brave + Gurgles - Eagle Inn, Salford

This was my first time at The Eagle Inn, and I was taken aback at how tiny it is! I liked it; I'm not cool enough to have ever been to a house show, and this is the closest I might get to that experience, so I embraced it.

The first band on tonight's line-up was Gurgles, a three-piece who play synthy psych-rock and honestly don't sound like any other band I've listened to.

Wrexham-based Baby Brave were up next, another band I hadn't heard before tonight. I fell in love with their dreamy, jangly noise-pop immediately; it was bright and swirly and filled the room effortlessly. Oyonnax was my favourite song, closely followed by Alone in Tokyo (though that might change once I listen to them more!)... so much so, that I just have to include the video for it:
I was excited to find out the next day that they're in Manchester again, in April with Colour Me Wednesday.

There's always an air of excitement when The Tuts take to the stage, this time going straight into Tut Tut Tut, a high energy song that sets the pace for the rest of the bands set. This was quickly followed up with their live staple, Dump Your Boyfriend, with everyone seeming to be enjoying themselves by the end of.

Tonight was even more exciting though, as it was our first chance to hear some of the songs from their forthcoming debut album, which sounds like it's going to be amazing and you should go Pledge on now.

Between songs, the girls talked about the stories behind some of their songs, like 1982 which is about their "cunt" of  a manager they briefly worked with last year.

Once again, The Tuts put on a great show. They've now gone off to record their album, so keep your eyes peeled for when they hit the road again!

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